Flexi-Shift for Individuals keen to find fulfilling paid work

Flexi-shift has been set up to help businesses find people to fill their open work shifts. And for individuals with some spare time, to find a way back into paid work – on their own terms.

Find a way back into paid work

Are you one of those ‘older’ (but not old!) people who is ‘retired’ and would like to do some work – but definitely doesn’t want to go back to fulltime employment and all that entails? Or perhaps a Mum (or Dad) returning to work? Or a student? Or anyone else with time that you’d like to exchange for work (and pay)!

If so, you are going to find Flexi-Shift VERY interesting…

WHO is Flexi-Shift for?

Flexi-Shift is perfect for individuals who have retired from fulltime work but would be interested in doing some shifts in a local pub, café, restaurant, hotel, shop – or anywhere else!

But it is also perfect for anyone else who needs to find flexible, paid work.

WHY would you be interested?

Perhaps you have discovered that you stopped working too soon.

Perhaps you are bored.

Perhaps you are missing the social interaction.

Perhaps you would rather be earning than spending.

Perhaps…insert your own reason – we are all different!

HOW does Flexi-Shift work?

You sign up, search the database for work in your local area that needs doing and let the business know you are interested.

Flexi-shift connects you with the business and you decide whether and how you are going to work together.

See introductory video below

Get informed as soon as the service launches (early 2024). Sign up below…

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Flexi-Shift matches businesses who need to find people to work, with people who want to work.