Flexi-Shift for businesses – the new way for resource-constrained businesses to thrive

Flexi-shift has been set up to help independent businesses find people to fill their open work shifts.

Are you struggling to find enough staff?

If you run a pub, café, restaurant, hotel, shop – or any other independent hospitality or service based business…

… you are going to find Flexi-Shift VERY interesting!

WHO is Flexi-Shift for?

Flexi-Shift was initially set up for independent businesses in hospitality (pubs, cafes, restaurants etc) but can be used by any business..

WHY was Flexi-Shift set up?

Many independent businesses are struggling to find enough people to do the work they need doing – unfilled vacancies are a persistent and increasing problem.

HOW does Flexi-Shift work?

Businesses sign up, decide what types of work (work packages) they need doing and invite individuals to express an interest in doing that work. See introductory video below.

Get informed as soon as the service launches (early 2024). Sign up below…

Do you have any questions about how Flexi-shift works? Contact us...


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Flexi-Shift matches businesses who need to find people to work, with people who want to work.