A new company addressing two big problems

Flexi-Shift Ltd (company number 15254663) has been set up in response to two challenges facing our society – but could help with a number of others too!

1) Many companies (especially, but not exclusively, in the hospitality industry) are finding themselves ‘resource constrained’ that is to say, they cannot get enough people to stay open as long as they would like, or expand to their full potential.

2) Many retirees would like to get back into work but don’t want the existing work patterns (fixed hours, limited holidays, inflexible attitudes etc.) – and these people are ‘economically inactive’ when they don’t want to be.

Of course, it’s not just hospitality companies and not just retirees who will be able to benefit from the Flexi-Shift service.

We are actively looking for new partners to help us to develop the service. If you’d like to find out more or simply to find out more about Flexi-Shift, contact our founder, Clive Lewis, clive@flexi-shift.com

Start Flexi-Shifting!

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Flexi-Shift matches businesses who need to find people to work, with people who want to work.